Run Away Kids & Teens: What to Expect and How to Get Help

Introduction to Run Away Kids & Teens

Run away kids and teens are a growing concern in today’s society, and it’s essential to understand the challenges they face and the resources available to help them. If you or someone you know may need help, this article will provide you with the information you need.

The Reality of Run Away Kids & Teens

When it comes to run away kids and teens, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Reasons for running away: These may include family conflict, abuse, neglect, or the desire for freedom and independence.
  2. Risks they face: Runaways are exposed to dangers such as homelessness, exploitation, and involvement in criminal activities.
  3. Long-term consequences: Running away can lead to long-lasting effects on their mental health, education, and overall well-being.

Resources and Support for Run Away Kids & Teens

Thankfully, there are various resources available to assist run away kids and teens. These include:

  • Hotlines: Many organizations offer confidential and anonymous helplines to provide support and guidance for runaways and their families.
  • Shelters: Safe and supportive shelters can help runaways by providing temporary housing, food, and access to social services.
  • Counseling services: Mental health support is crucial for helping run away kids and teens process their emotions and address underlying issues.

Common Run Away Kids & Teens Questions and Answers

What should I do if I know a teen who has run away?

If you are aware of a runaway teen, it’s crucial to report it to local law enforcement and any relevant agencies immediately. Provide as much information as possible, including the teen’s name, age, physical description, and last known whereabouts.

How can I help a runaway teen?

The best way to help a runaway teen is to listen to them and offer your support. Encourage them to access resources such as hotlines, shelters, or counseling services that can assist them in finding a safe and stable environment.

Can parents force a runaway teen to return home?

In most cases, parents have the legal right to demand their child return home. However, it’s essential to address the underlying issues that led to the teen running away in the first place.


Run away kids and teens face numerous challenges, but with the right support and resources, they can find the help they need. Whether you are a runaway yourself or know someone who is, understanding the reality of their situation and how to access help is crucial to their well-being.