How are Needle Exchange Programs funded, and can I support them financially or through volunteering?

Funding for Needle Exchange Programs typically comes from a mix of public and private sources, including government grants, private donations, and nonprofit organizations. The level of funding can vary depending on the location and size of the program. If you’re interested in supporting a Needle Exchange Program, there are several ways you can contribute: Make […]

Do Needle Exchange Programs provide naloxone and overdose prevention training?

Many Needle Exchange Programs recognize the importance of addressing the risk of overdose and offer naloxone distribution and overdose prevention training as part of their services. Naloxone is a life-saving medication that can rapidly reverse an opioid overdose, making it a vital resource for individuals who use opioids and their loved ones. Overdose prevention training […]

Do Needle Exchange Programs offer support for friends and family members of people who use drugs?

While Needle Exchange Programs primarily focus on providing harm reduction services to individuals who use drugs, many also recognize the importance of supporting friends and family members affected by a loved one’s drug use. Some programs may offer counseling, education, or referral services for friends and family members, while others may connect you with external […]

What other services do Needle Exchange Programs provide besides clean needles?

In addition to distributing clean needles and syringes, Needle Exchange Programs often offer a range of other harm reduction services and support. These may include: Safe disposal of used needles and syringes Distribution of other harm reduction supplies, such as alcohol swabs and cookers Health education and counseling on safe injecting practices and overdose prevention […]

How can I find a Needle Exchange Program near me?

To locate a Needle Exchange Program in your area, consider using online resources such as the North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN) directory or the Harm Reduction Coalition’s service finder. You can also contact your local health department, community organizations, or addiction treatment centers for information on nearby programs. When searching for a Needle Exchange […]