What is the role of a sponsor in AA?

A sponsor is an experienced AA member who provides guidance, support, and mentorship to another member, usually someone newer to the program. The role of a sponsor is to help the individual work through the 12 Steps of AA, share their own experiences and insights, and offer encouragement during challenging times. Sponsors can also help […]

Is AA religious or spiritual?

AA is not a religious organization, but it does have a spiritual component. The 12 Steps of AA involve a Higher Power, which each member can interpret according to their own beliefs and understanding. This Higher Power does not have to be associated with any specific religion, and AA welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and […]

Can I attend AA meetings online?

Yes, you can attend AA meetings online. Online meetings have become increasingly popular, offering accessibility and convenience for those who may be unable to attend in-person meetings due to location, mobility issues, or other factors. Online AA meetings follow the same general format as in-person meetings, including readings from AA literature, sharing personal stories, and […]

How often should I attend AA meetings?

he frequency of attending AA meetings varies from person to person, depending on individual needs and preferences. Some people find attending meetings daily or multiple times a week to be helpful, especially during the early stages of recovery. Others may prefer to attend meetings once a week or even less frequently as they progress in […]

How can I find AA meetings near me?

To find AA meetings near you, visit the official Alcoholics Anonymous website and use their meeting locator tool or use this websites free directory. By entering your location, you can access a list of nearby meetings, including their meeting type, time, and address. Additionally, you can reach out to your local AA office or helpline, […]

What is the main purpose of attending AA meetings?

The main purpose of attending AA meetings is to find support and guidance on your journey to sobriety. These meetings offer a safe space where individuals struggling with alcohol addiction can share their experiences, learn from others who have successfully navigated their recovery, and receive encouragement to maintain sobriety. Through the AA program, members work […]